freeride and freestyle

If you want to embrace a new sliding experience or improve your technique, the ESF Luz Ardiden is the place to be! Discover our Snowboard, Freestyle and Freeride training courses.

Whatever your level, our instructors will help you improve in a convivial way.
Medal included in the 5 or 6-day packages!

Hours2016 / 2017 Season

French Term Time10h - 12h
Christmas  Holidays Afternoon14h30 - 17h00
February Holidays  Afternoon14h30- 17h00

rates - snowboard / freeride / freestyleA level test is held on Friday during the lesson.

French Term Time
5 x Lessons138 €
1 x Lesson37 €
french holidayschristmasfebruary
6 x Lessons180 € 180 €
5 x Lessons180 € 180 €
1 x Lesson46 € 46 €